Make Your Next Email Stand Out With Video

Email campaigning is an integral part of most marketing strategies. You can pack a lot of information into an email campaign, as well as reach many people all at once, making email a powerful tool for getting your message to a large, but targeted, audience. However, there is one major downfall when it comes to email marketing. Most people get inundated with floods of emails every day, so how are you supposed to make your email stand out? The answer is: with a video. 

Video accounts for most of today’s consumer internet traffic, making it the newest trend in marketing. All businesses should be using video in their marketing strategies, otherwise, they will lose their audience’s attention and fall behind very quickly. Video is often used on websites and social media, but there is one other place not everyone thinks to include: their email messages. Sending video through email was once an arduous task, but with platforms such as Cheers Video Mail, it is now much easier. 

Video email template

There are different types of ways you can incorporate video into an email campaign or message. Here are a few:

Include a promotional video

Introduce your audience to your brand with an informative and engaging promotional video! Platforms such as Cheers Video Mail even allow you to brand your videos with your company colours and logo, increasing the effectiveness of brand recognition.

Send off an informational or tutorial video

Customers always appreciate knowing more about the product or service that they are considering purchasing, and a video is a great way to go into more depth with them.

Record and send a personalized video message

Do you work one on one with your customers? Sending a personalized video message is a fantastic way to connect with your customer on a deeper and less transactional manner. Help them get to know YOU and feel more comfortable with their decision to purchase your product or service. 

Video emailing is a new and powerful trend, that companies are starting to utilize in many ways. It is guaranteed to make your emails stand out in the inbox and get your message across effectively. For more information on the benefits of video emailing, check out this video or visit